ROSTAMI ‘Salsa Dance’ Wood Inlay Wall Art
August 16, 2020
ROSTAMI ‘African Lady’ Wood Inlay Wall Art
August 16, 2020

ROSTAMI ‘Abyaneh’ Wood Inlay Wall Art


  • Code: 009007
  • Designed and Manufactured by ZAHRA ROSTAMI
  • Designer: Zahra Rostami
  • Material: alder, jujube, maple, hornbeam, walnut and orange tree wood
  • Size with frame: 48.5× 58.5 cm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Package: 1 piece
  • Production: 14 days
  • Polished with exterior wood sealer to make it long-lasting.

Abyaneh is a wonderfully authentic ancient village in Persia which takes you back in time as it has kept its originality over hundreds of years.




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